Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ambulance Simulator 2012


Release On   : 11 March 2012           Disk Amount/Format : 1 CD ISO
Type of Game : Simulator               Media Protection   : Nothing

Release Information:

Discover the exciting life of German rescue workers with Ambulance
Simulator 2012!

Manage various tasks: Pick up patients and take them to their designated
hospital or hurry in emergencies to the place of action. Discover a
freely-accesible, open world in your ambulance or on foot. Even though
you may be in a rush during an emergency mission, make always sure to
keep the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians in mind

Depending on your mission, you may choose between several emergency
vehicles: ambulance, patient transport ambulance or emergency ambulance
All vehicles have been recreated realistically with an eye for detail
including the technical features of their real-life models. Use flashing
lights and sirens to draw the attention of other road users. You will
need good organizational skills and keep a cool head if you want your
mission to suceed. Interact with colleagues and patients and use your
medical instruments as well as other items to treat various injuries and


Huge, freely-acessible world with KI-traffic and passers-by

Endless career-mode

Various vehicles with different places of action

Realistic driving physics

Varied missions

Support of gamepads, joysticks and steering wheels

Free play with realistic driving missions

Additional Arguments:

Highly attractive simulation topic

Good opportunity to practice for real life emergencies

Burn/mount, install, play!

--Use Daemon Tools to mount the .cue or .bin file, run Setup.exe as an administrator, and install!

Ambulance Simulator 2012_@(www.ShareSpark.net).bin
Ambulance Simulator 2012_@(www.ShareSpark.net).cue
552 MB


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