Wednesday, 12 September 2012


The inevitable jump to 3D. The evil pirate Razorbeard has taken over Rayman's home planet, destroyed the planet's 1000-lum core, turned everyone into slaves, and captured all his friends... including Rayman himself! Time to bust out and kick some robot pirate butt. See if you can find the elusive 1000th lum!

The PSX and N64 ports of this kind of suck for their own respective reasons (800 lums instead of 1000, lack of CD music), and the Dreamcast version you pretty much need a genuine Dreamcast to run properly. The PS2 version omits the 1000th lum! The PC port is the most faithful to the Dreamcast, and easier to get working.

The only other torrent I was able to find of this was in French/Polish only. Fear not, this one has English available for the other 99.7% of you. Native to Win95/98 but should install and run fine under XP. If you want to change the resolution in the game's options and it's crashing, try switching to '95 compatibility mode, changing the resolution, and switching back. Compatibility mode seems to do strange things to it during gameplay.


478 MB


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