Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Roadrash PC Game | 450 MB

Road Rash is an exciting bike racing pc game published by the Electronic Arts in the year 1996. Even today it has great popularity and loved by the mass of bike game lovers in the game world. In this hub you will find two easy methods to get free download for this popular bike racing game. Before showing them I like to add some thing about Road Rash.

To entertain players the game has been designed with five entirely different tracks namely The City, The Peninsula, Sierra Nevada, Napa Valley and Pacific Highway. All the five tracks are beautifully designed with cool graphics. There are three modes to play, the first one is Thrash Mode from which we can select different player levels and tracks and the second one is Big Game Mode which will allow to select character and desired track. We can also buy different bikes like Super Bikes, Sport Bikes Rat Bikes in this second mode after winning enough game cash. The third mode Mano A Mano will allow you to challenge any other player anywhere in the world by means of Internet.


-Extract Archive Burn Or Mount Image Install And Play

-Tested On XP And VISTA Works Fine


450 MB


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